News & Events

Yitzhak Greenfield Exhibit

An exiting new exhibit is opening at Schechter! Join us on November 16th at 12PM for the opening and on December 5th at 7PM for a gallery talk with the artist. The exhibition will take place at the Gallery Atrium on the ground floor.

Back Again to the Jewish-Israeli Conflict

Dr. Eitan Chikli, head of TALI, responds to an Israeli organization dedicated to keeping religion out of Israeli secular public schools that is actively campaigning against what it has called “Hadatah” (bringing religion) into the school system.

Jewish Life & Learning

Whose (Genetic) Line is it Anway?

Does Esau get a bad rap? Through his unique lens of evolutionary psychology, Rabbi Dr. Paul Shrell-Fox, Lecture in Family and Community Studies, explores the different personalities of Esau and Jacob.

Choosing Motherhood

Do women have the right to choose?  Inspired by Parshat Chayei Sara, Dr. Bat-Sheva Margalit Stern, associate professor of Jewish history, explains the immense pressure women faced from the Zionist establishment. How did women respond?