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70 Voices Heard in the Heart of Tel Aviv

| 14/09/2018

Tel Aviv, Israel’s self-proclaimed most secular city, is going through spiritual reawakening. Jewish renewal reached Israel’s bustling commercial capital, and the White City now offers a host of venues that cater to non-religious Israelis who seek spirituality within their own tradition.

Neve Schechter, a cultural center in the rapidly gentrifying Neve Tzedek neighborhood, brings together city residents, artists and activists to create a potent mix of contemporary Israeli culture, cutting-edge art, and the ancient wisdom of Jewish sources.

70 Voices, launched at Neve Schechter in March 2017, is a unique project that blends contemporary and traditional music, poetry, cinema and art within the Jewish and Israeli context. As the public grapples with both ancient heritage and modern Jewish/Israeli artistic expression, 70 Voices adds a unique dimension to the city-wide phenomenon of Jewish renewal.

The program, conducted with the support of Israel’s Ministry of Culture, contains concerts and workshops that range from traditional Piyyut to modern Hebrew poetry. The program draws the public and performers from very diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds.

From an a capella concert of traditional Moroccan love songs to an Iranian jazz fusion evening, cutting-edge Israeli musicians have brought to the Neve Schechter’s stage a renewed take on their heritage.

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