TALI Education Fund

The TALI (Hebrew acronym for “Enriched Jewish Studies”) network of schools provides a pluralistic Jewish Studies program to approximately 50,000 school children in 325 public schools and pre-schools throughout Israel–comprising more than 12% of all secular public schools in Israel.

TALI offers the middle-way in Israel for Jewish education, tradition and the awakening of Jewish identity. Established in 1976, TALI has been sponsored since 1987 by the TALI Education Fund (TEF) which is authorized by Israel’s Ministry of Education to provide educational guidance and resources to all TALI schools.

Why Israel Needs TALI

Every Jewish child in Israel deserves a Jewish education. But most go without.

Jews in Israel are deeply divided along religious and secular fault-lines – a divide that tears at the fabric of Israeli society. For sixty years, this division has been fostered by Israel’s school system which operates only two educational streams: religious and secular.

Yet most Jewish Israelis define themselves as neither Orthodox nor secular, but as traditional. They identify with Jewish culture and heritage, but feel alienated by a rigid, politicized religious establishment. By sending their children to secular public schools, most Israeli parents have forfeited their children’s right to a Jewish education.

TALI brings Jewish learning to the secular Israeli classroom, connecting pupils with their heritage, and educating towards religious pluralism in the Jewish state.

The Mandate of the TALI Education Fund

TALI Education Fund provides 2300 TALI teachers with the tools and training needed to create a Jewish environment for their school community, it:

  • Promotes expansion of the TALI school system.
  • Provides regular on-site pedagogical counseling for teachers.
  • Publishes textbooks for teachers and pupils.
  • Sponsors leadership training programs for teachers and principals.
  • Conducts teacher room workshops at the schools.
  • Places TALI rabbis in schools to enrich Jewish content and experience.
  • Subsidizes family workshops on Jewish prayer and values.
  • Builds Jewish libraries and resources for TALI schools.
  • Develops parental leadership in schools.

Growing with TALI

Support the TALI Education Fund

As demand for TALI education grows, so does TALI’s need for resources. TALI’s future depends on the support of friends worldwide.
Exciting TALI educational projects are available and waiting for sponsorship.

For project sponsorship contact Anya Zhuravel Segal, Director of Resource Development: anya@schechter.ac.il