About The Schechter Institutes

Established in 1984 with a student body of five students, The Schechter Institutes has grown into a major Israeli educational organization devoted to the broad dissemination of Jewish studies for ALL Israelis, serving some 60,000 adults and children each year in Israel and Eastern Europe. Our goal is to offer pluralistic Jewish education to diverse populations, promoting a democratic society secure in its Jewish roots. At Schechter, we believe that offering Jewish study in an environment that is both academically critical and committed to tradition provides a vital, and hitherto missing dimension to Israeli education.

Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies runs the largest Jewish Studies M.A. program in Israel, with over 500 students, most of whom are educators coming from all over the country and bridging the entire religious spectrum. Over 1500 Schechter graduates have returned to their workplaces enriched in Jewish knowledge with a personal and professional commitment to sharing it with others.

Schechter Rabbinical Seminary through its rabbinic program has ordained 92 graduates as spiritual leaders in Masorti communities and educational frameworks in Israel and throughout the world. The innovative Mishlei program combines an M.A. in Jewish studies and chevruta (study partner) learning.

TALI Education Fund provides pluralistic Jewish education to more than 46,000 children in 300 secular public schools and preschools in Israel. Hundreds of teachers and principals have graduated the TALI Educational Leadership Program that combines studies towards an M.A. degree at the Schechter Institute. 35 TALI textbooks have made a significant contribution to advancing Jewish literacy in schools throughout Israel.

Neve Schechter Center for Jewish Culture in Tel Aviv offers a wide variety of cultural experiences in music, drama and Jewish studies. A unique venue where Judaism meets the arts, Neve Schechter is drawing more than 1,000 participants monthly to its myriad activities.

Midreshet Schechter runs a Jewish Studies program with short-term and year-long courses at study centers set up in Masorti communities and in community centers throughout the Galilee.

Midreshet Yerushalayim provides Jewish identity programs to communities in Ukraine, including Kiev’s Kehillat Masoret, day schools and Hebrew schools and Ramah Camps for youth and families.

Research Institutes and Special Projects are unique focal points that, through original research and dedicated conferences, shine a light on Schechter’s core values chief among them: advancing the role of women in Jewish life, creating modern approaches to issues of Jewish law and promoting the use of the arts in Jewish Studies.