The Redemption is Like The Dawn

This week we celebrate Israel Independence Day – but the atmosphere this year is strained. There is depression which stems from the Intifada and the feeling that there is no way to achieve peace. In order to overcome this feeling, we have to stand back and look at the achievements of Zionism during the past one hundred years. We need to look at this period as a process of slow redemption or “the beginning of the redemption”.

Memorial Day for Israel’s Fallen Soldiers

Brothers and sisters of sorrow and pain! With a bowed head and in trembling before the Almighty, we gathered together Sunday evening, April 25 th , to recall and remember our sons and daughters, soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, who fell in the line of duty, defending Israel in her wars, and to recall and remember our brothers and sisters murdered by evil-doers for being Jews loyal to the land of their Forefathers…