Moses and Herzl Responsa in a Moment: Volume 13, Number 5

Theodor Herzl died on July 3, 1904, and was buried in Vienna. He wrote in his will that he should be buried next to his father in Vienna “until the day when the Jewish people transfer my remains to Palestine”. His wish was fulfilled 70 years ago, when he was reburied on Mount Herzl on August 17, 1949. This month, in lieu of a responsum, I am republishing my article “Moses and Herzl” which originally appeared in Conservative Judaism 47/1 (Fall 1994), pp. 39-49 and in revised form in my book Insight Israel: The View from Schechter, second series, Jerusalem, 2006, pp. 151-166. Yehi zikhro barukh! May Herzl’s vision and memory continue to inspire us! DG

Forging our Future: Dr. David Frankel on Parashat Bamidbar

Is Parashat Bamidbar a period of rebellion and complaints or is it, as stated in Jeremiah, God and Israel’s honeymoon period? Dr. David Frankel, Senior Lecturer in Bible at The Schechter Institutes, suggests that the parasha and the entire book of Bamidbar (Numbers), with its depictions of the Israelites in the wilderness, teaches us an important lesson. We are not entrapped by our past memory and history. We can forge our destiny by by deciding how we want to see our future.