The Agunah Problem and Israel’s Law of the Land

Israel is both a Jewish State and a democracy. It is governed by civil and religious law (especially Jewish and Muslim Law, that govern areas pertaining to family law).

Although there is no constitution, eleven basic laws with constitutional status have been passed over the years. The Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty, was passed in 1992. Among other things it establishes that a person’s physical and moral wellbeing, as well as the integrity of his or her property, are protected by law.

Za’akat Dalot: Halakhic Solutions for the Agunot of Our Time

In 1999, The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies founded the Center for Women in Jewish Law in order to study the status of women in Jewish law in general and in order to find halakhic solutions for the agunot of our time in particular. In a few weeks, the Center will publish its long-awaited volume Za’akat Dalot: Halakhic Solutions for the Agunot of Our Time, the result of six years of intensive research. What follows is Prof. Golinkin’s English Introduction to that volume.