The Book of Lamentations: The Many Sides of Truth

New Zoom course with Rabbi Benjamin Segal . Wednesdays, 6:00p.m. - 7:15p.m. (Israel time) -- Starting Nov 2nd, 2022.

Wednesday, 02/11/2022 | 18:00 - 19:15
Wednesday, 09/11/2022
Wednesday, 16/11/2022
Wednesday, 23/11/2022
Wednesday, 30/11/2022
Wednesday, 07/12/2022
On-line via Zoom

Was the Book of Lamentations the world’s first literary attempt to depict a single event (the time of the First Temple’s destruction) from different perspectives, embodying one of the first expressions of the “Rashomon effect”? Does tragedy (or life?!) demand multiple perceptions? 

The first session will review Jerusalem and poetry in the Bible and previous approaches to this book. In each of the following weeks, participants will together consider each poem as seen in this new light, and what all this might say about tragedy, loss, and belief. Sessions will open with explanatory comments, but then move from instruction to shared exploration. Advance reading of texts distributed beforehand will be requested. 


ILS 400 ($120*) for 6 classes

*dollar price dependent upon exchange rate on date of payment

10% discount price for simultaneous registration for 2 series or more

15% discount price for simultaneous registration for 3 series or more.


The weekly zoom link will be sent via email to all registered students one week before the start of classes.

Details of meeting place for in-person courses will be sent one week before the start of classes.

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