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He Said, She Said Professor Renee Levine Melammed on a Maimonidean Dispute

He said she said did not originate in the modern era, in fact, in 12th century Cairo, Maimonides hears both sides of the argument settles a dispute between a woman teaching at a yeshiva and her disgruntled husband. Dr. Renée Levine Melammed, Professor of Jewish History, narrates the play-by-play between the woman trying to earn a living and assert herself in a ‘non-traditional’ women’s role and her husband who, dissatisfied with the status quo, wants to take a second wife.

What did Maimonides decide?

See the video below.

Renée Levine Melammed, originally from Long Island, New York, received her degrees from Smith College and Brandeis University. Her dissertation and early research dealt with the lives of crypto-Jewish women in Spain and the way in which conversos coped with the issue of their identity; her research now is focusing on women’s lives as reflected in the Cairo Geniza. She is a professor of Jewish history at Schechter, teaching courses in medieval Jewish history and gender studies as well as in Jews of Spain and Islamic lands.

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