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26/06/2024 | E Jewish Philanthropy | Midreshet Schechter’s Activities in Ukraine: Normalizing the Anomalous in Wartime
Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
13/06/2024 | Israel from the Inside with Daniel Gordis | Dr. Marva Shalev-Marom Interviewed on Ethiopian Jewry (Podcast)
Dr. Marva Shalev-Marom
30/05/2024 | E Jewish Philanthropy | Eyes of Prayer Exhibit: High School Photography Project at Neve Schechter
Romina Reisin , Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
25/04/2024 | Jerusalem Post | Six Lessons We Can Learn This Year From the Haggadah
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
21/04/2024 | Religion News Service | Israelis Prepare for Pesach Overshadowed by War & Loss – Schechter’s Seder Supplement
21/04/2024 | Jerusalem Post | TALI’s Halleli Program Visits NYC and Ground Zero
Dr. Peri Sinclair
07/04/2024 | Philadelphia Jewish Exponent | Can Jews Sing Dayenu This Year at Pesach Seder While There are Hostages?
Rabbi Arie Hasit
27/03/2024 | The Public Radio | Purim in Israel in wake of continuing October 7th War – Listen
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
17/03/2024 | Israel HaYom | Radio Awe (Radio Tefillot) Universal Library of Prayers offers 24-7 Platform
Bar Yerushalmi
06/03/2024 | Cleveland Jewish News | Changing the Passover Haggadah: Lessons from October 7th War
Rabbi Arie Hasit
06/03/2024 | JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) | How can Jews Mark Passover in the wake of Oct 7th? Schechter Rabbinical Seminary’s approach
Rabbi Arie Hasit
25/02/2024 | E Jewish Philanthropy | Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya Reflects on Ukraine’s Jewish Communities – Two Years after Russian Invasion
Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
20/02/2024 | Detroit Jewish News | Hundreds of Ukraine Jews Have Sent Donations to Israel Since Oct. 7th Attack
Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
13/02/2024 | Jerusalem Post | Rabbi David Golinkin Extensively Quoted on Jewish Views on Redemption of Captives
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
11/02/2024 | Intermountain Jewish News | Ukraine Jewish Community Donates to Schechter in Israel Due to October 7th War
Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
22/01/2024 | Jerusalem Post | Israel’s Spirit Uplifts One Another in Challenging Times
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
14/01/2024 | E Jewish Philanthropy | The Schechter Rabbinical Seminary Asks: How to Be Joyous in Time of Tragedy?
Rabbi Chaya Rowen Baker
26/11/2023 | Religious News Service | Stung by Anti-Israel Protests and Hate, Many Jews are Re-Asserting Their Identity
Rabbi Arie Hasit
30/10/2023 | Ha'aretz (behind paywall) | Providing Therapy to Israeli Refugees
Bar Yerushalmi
04/10/2023 | i24News | Meanings and Expressions of Sukkot and Schechter in Ukraine: Eitan Cooper Interviewed
Private: Eitan Cooper , Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
04/10/2023 | i24News Television | Dr. Shula Laderman Interviewed about Sukkot in Jewish Art
Dr. Shula Laderman
04/10/2023 | Jerusalem Post | Prof. Alice Shalvi z”l, Former Schechter Rector and President Passes Away
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
24/09/2023 | Jerusalem Post | Sweet are the uses of Adversity: How to Turn Curses into Blessings
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
21/08/2023 | Philadelphia Jewish Exponent | A Gate in the Forest: The Amazing Camp Ramah Yachad Ukraine Experience
Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
17/08/2023 | Jewish Journal of Los Angeles | Schechter Inc.’s Vice Chair Meets the Children and Staff of Camp Ramah Yachad Ukraine
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin , Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
13/08/2023 | JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) | Camp Ramah Yachad Ukraine returns to Ukraine for Summer Fun
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin , Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
09/08/2023 | E Jewish Philanthropy | US Mission to Camp Ramah Yachad in Ukraine Brings Joy and Tears to All
Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya , Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin , Michal Makov Peled
31/07/2023 | Jerusalem Post | Why did Catholic Church Censor Jewish Texts? After Visiting The Vatican, Rabbi David Golinkin Provides Answers
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
30/07/2023 | Catholic News Service | Catholics News Service Interviews Rabbi Prof. Golinkin about Hebrew Manuscripts in Vatican’s Apostolic Library
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
10/07/2023 | Kansas City Jewish Chronicle | Kansas City Bar Mitzvah Boy Gives Tzedakah to Ukraine’s Camp Ramah Yachad
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin , Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
27/06/2023 | E Jewish Philanthropy | The Schechter Rabbinical Seminary Provides Clergy with Tools for Mental Health Outreach at Seminar
Rabbi Avi Novis-Deutsch
01/06/2023 | Green Prophet | Schechter’s Eco-Rabbi Profiled: Rabbi David Pearlman Paran
Rabbi Avi Novis-Deutsch
07/05/2023 | Jerusalem Post | Rabbi David Golinkin Reflects on his 50 Years in Israel
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
16/04/2023 | JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) | Midreshet Schechter Seder in Kyiv Provides Respite for Kharkhiv Jewish Community Members
Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
13/04/2023 | Jerusalem Post | A Different Reading of the Pesach Haggadah: The Four Children
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
22/03/2023 | Aurora - Espanol | Los Judios Ucranianos Celebran su Fiesta mas Alegre en Medio de la Guerra
Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
09/03/2023 | JTA | Two Years After Russian Invasion, Midreshet Schechter’s Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya Leads Purim Activities in Ukraine
Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
09/03/2023 | La Prensa Latina | Second Purim in Ukraine After Russian Invasion
Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
16/01/2023 | JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) | Pluralism in Action: TALI’s Halleli Study Group Learns from New York’s Jewish Community
Dr. Peri Sinclair
01/01/2023 | Times of Israel | Midreshet Schechter Brings Physical and Spiritual Light to Ukraine Jewish Communities
Rabbi Reuven Stamov , Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
26/12/2022 | E Jewish Philanthropy | TALI Educators in New York To Learn and Teach Pluralistic Education
Dr. Peri Sinclair
21/12/2022 | JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) | Midreshet Schechter Ukraine Brings Spiritual and Real Light to Ukraine During Hanukkah
Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
15/12/2022 | Columbus Jewish News (OH, USA) | Columbus OH Fetes Native Son Newly Ordained by Schechter Rabbinical Seminary
14/12/2022 | Texas Jewish Post | Midreshet Schechter Ukraine Hanukkah Care Packages Carry Special Symbolism
Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
06/12/2022 | Plus61J - Australia | Schechter Rabbinical Seminary Ordains former Aussie: Green Prophet Becomes the Green Rabbi
Rabbi Avi Novis-Deutsch
06/12/2022 | E Jewish Philanthropy | Midreshet Schechter’s Ukraine Activities Highlighted
Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
28/08/2022 | Jerusalem Post | ‘Dirshuni’: Opening the Midrash catalog for women – review
Dr. Tamar Kadari
09/08/2022 | Jerusalem Post | Tel Aviv sound design showcases the role of women in Jewish rituals
Romina Reisin , Bar Yerushalmi
07/08/2022 | Jerusalem Post | Tisha b’Av and the war in Ukraine – is there a Connection? – Opinion
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
17/07/2022 | Jerusalem Post | Israel Elections: What are essential attributes of a good leader? – opinion
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
15/06/2022 | Jerusalem Post | The appointment of Prof. Ari Ackerman as the next president of SIJS
Prof. Ari Ackerman
08/06/2022 | Kan English News | Dr. Peri Sinclair interviewed about Morning Song
Dr. Peri Sinclair
28/04/2022 | Kan English News | Megillat Hashoah
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
17/04/2022 | Jerusalem Post | ‘Responsa in a Moment’: Where history, Jewish law meet – review
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
13/04/2022 | Rabbinical Assembly | How to Tell a Story: Two Approaches to Education in the Haggadah
Prof. Moshe Benovitz
05/04/2022 | The Canadian Jewish News | Conservative synagogues in Vancouver and beyond are helping the Jews who are fleeing Ukraine
Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya , Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin , Rabbi Reuven Stamov , Rabbi Avi Novis-Deutsch
20/03/2022 | The Times of Israel | As millions flee Ukraine, some rabbis have headed there — to celebrate Purim
Rabbi Avi Novis-Deutsch , Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
17/03/2022 | Jerusalem Post | As many flee Ukraine, some rabbis have headed there to celebrate Purim
Rabbi Avi Novis-Deutsch , Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
17/03/2022 | Jerusalem Post | Purim to Putin: Insights on the Ukraine war from the Book of Esther (print)
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
17/03/2022 | JBS News | Megillah Reading in Ukraine
Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya , Rabbi Avi Novis-Deutsch
16/03/2022 | Jerusalem Post | Purim to Putin: Insights on the Ukraine war from the Book of Esther (online)
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
15/03/2022 | JTA | As many flee Ukraine, some rabbis have headed there — to celebrate Purim
Rabbi Avi Novis-Deutsch , Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
04/03/2022 | Jerusalem Post | ‘My heart is in the East but I am at the edge of the West
Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya
01/03/2022 | Jerusalem Report | Conservative Judaism’s new generation of spiritual leader
Rabbi Avi Novis-Deutsch
24/02/2022 | Jerusalem Post | Conservative Judaism’s new generation of spiritual leaders
Rabbi Avi Novis-Deutsch
18/05/2021 | Jerusalem Post | The Book of Ruth: The tale of King David’s ancestry is a taste of perfection
05/04/2021 | Jerusalem Post | “From Sorrow into Joy…From Darkness into Great Light”
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
15/02/2021 | Kan English Radio | Radio interview with Diane Freidgut about Masorti Women Study Days
21/01/2021 | Jerusalem Post | Aharon David Gordon – New access to a compelling early Zionist
Prof. Ari Ackerman
19/01/2021 | Kan English Radio | Radio interview about @Home with TALI and Tu Bishvat Webinar
Dr. Peri Sinclair
10/10/2020 | The Jerusalem Post | TALI – Bridging the religious divide
Dr. Eitan Chikli
04/10/2020 | Haaretz | Gulf Muslim Pilgrims Are About to Upset the Fragile Status Quo at Al-Aqsa
Prof. Doron Bar
27/09/2020 | The Jerusalem Post | Passing on kindness
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
14/09/2020 | The Jerusalem Post | Israel – Who Do We Think is Calling?
Private: Eitan Cooper
31/08/2020 | The Jerusalem Post | A Jewish view of non-violent protest and civil disobedience
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
30/08/2020 | Haaretz | The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies: Joy in Diversity
Prof. Doron Bar , Prof. Bat-Sheva Margalit Stern
27/05/2020 | The Jerusalem Post | Whatever Happened to The Ten Commandments
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
21/05/2020 | KAN Reka | Rabbi Dr. Mimi Feigelson talks about The Schechter Institute’s Pre Shavuot Tikkun
Rabbi Dr. Reb Mimi Feigelson
21/05/2020 | The Jerusalem Post | Taking a Look at Two Millennia of Jerusalem Customs
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
17/04/2020 | The Times of Israel | Back to the Sources: Jewish Wisdom for a Time Like This
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
13/04/2020 | The Jerusalem Post | The Art of Saying Todah
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
06/04/2020 | The Times of Israel | Zoom Before the Holiday, then Turn off the Tech: A Seder Guide
Rabbi Avi Novis-Deutsch
01/04/2020 | The Jerusalem Report | Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin: Israel and US Jewry Must Help Each Other
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
18/03/2020 | KAN Reka | Interview with Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin on Hope and Solidarity During the Times of Corona
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
12/03/2020 | The Jerusalem Post | Arrival Stories: Rabbi David Arias Weil, 31, Chile to Jerusalem
26/02/2020 | The Jerusalem Post | Artist Gary Goldstein Delves into the Forests of Memory
12/02/2020 | i24 News | Holy Land Uncovered: Interview with Peri Sinclair
Dr. Peri Sinclair
05/02/2020 | The Jerusalem Post | Graffiti mural celebrates diversity of Jewish identity
30/09/2019 | Jerusalem Post | Now that the Holidays are Over, what do I do?
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
03/08/2019 | LA Jewish Journal | The Torah Lishma Program Draws Immigrants from North America Looking for their ‘Home Away from Home’
13/06/2019 | The Times of Israel | This Rabbi is Flying the Pride Flag — and It’s About Time
11/04/2019 | The Jerusalem Post | Not Just for Rabbis: Spiritual Caregiving in Israel
17/02/2019 | i24NEWS | Learning about Jewish Identity in Israel & in the U.S
24/01/2019 | i24NEWS | Rising Number of Israelis Marry Outside of Rabbinate in Protest
03/01/2019 | The Jerusalem Post | The Split in the Israeli Electorate: The Netanyahu Monopoly
03/01/2019 | The Jerusalem Post | Here and There: How New York Helped me Understand Jewish Israeli Identity
18/10/2018 | i24NEWS | Immigration in the Holy Land
28/09/2018 | Times of Israel | Simchat Torah and #MeToo
19/09/2018 | KAN REKA | Five Reasons for Sitting in the Sukkah
17/09/2018 | 24News | The Meaning of Yom Kippur
10/05/2018 | The Times of Israel | Sparks of Passion: How we Talked at the Schechter/JTS Conference
10/05/2018 | 24NEWS | Holy Land Uncovered | The State of Israel and the Jews of North America
08/05/2018 | The Times of Israel | Can We Bridge the Gaps Between Israel and the Jews of North America?
01/05/2018 | The Times of Israel | Event meant to build bridges between Israel and Diaspora goes up in flames
15/04/2018 | I24NEWS | Holy Land Uncovered | The Israeli story and the Holy
04/03/2018 | 24NEWS | Purim parties in Israel
27/01/2018 | 24News | Faith in the aftermath of the Holocaust
10/10/2017 | Kan English Radio | Celebrating Simchat Torah
18/09/2017 | The Jerusalem Post | Guarding Souls: Saving Life in the Age of Science and Technology
03/08/2017 | Haaretz | Why I, a Rabbi, am Marching in Jerusalem’s Gay Pride Parade
06/07/2017 | Times of Israel | Not Done Yet in Ukraine
03/07/2017 | The Jerusalem Post | Intense Controversies that Divide the Jewish People
02/07/2017 | Ynetnews | Diaspora Jewry Can’t Fight Western Wall Battle Alone
30/06/2017 | Times of Israel | Thoughts about the Kotel, Conversion and Senseless Hatred
27/06/2017 | Times of Israel | Knesset Honors Israel’s Outstanding Anglos
26/06/2017 | Ynetnews | A State Denying its Own People
25/05/2017 | Jerusalem Post Editorial | The Kotel’s Symbolism
24/05/2017 | The Jerusalem Post | Nearly two-thirds of Israelis support equal prayer rights at Western Wall
21/05/2017 | The Jerusalem Post | From the Sacred City to the Capital City (And Back Again?)
10/05/2017 | The Jerusalem Post | The Disputation of Barcelona Comes Alive on Stage in “Divine Right”
07/05/2017 | Times of Israel | Centuries later, Nahmanides’ Medieval Drama Plays out on Stage
02/05/2017 | The Jerusalem Post | Parade to Parade: Independence Day Displays in Jerusalem Before and After the Six Day War
23/04/2017 | Times of Israel | Righteous Gentiles and the Shoah: Altruism of the Highest Order
11/04/2017 | The Jerusalem Post | Can You Recite the Entire Seder by Heart?
05/04/2017 | Jerusalem Post | A Spiritual Passover
03/04/2017 | Times of Israel | Secularist Neturei Karta
13/02/2017 | Times of Israel | Survival of the Nicest: Altruism and Darwin
06/01/2017 | Jerusalem Post | This Normal Life: Can Religion Boost Your Immune System?
25/11/2016 | Jewish Independent | Seminar on Law and Justice
21/09/2016 | Haaretz | Ex-roommate of Facebook founder Becomes Rabbi in Israel
20/09/2016 | Fox News | Ex-roommate of Facebook founder Becomes Rabbi in Israel
20/09/2016 | Haaretz | Zuckerberg’s Harvard Ex-roomate Becomes Rabbi in Israel
20/09/2016 | Times of Israel | Ex-roommate of Facebook founder Becomes Rabbi in Israel
14/09/2016 | HAARETZ | Analysis – Education Minister Thinks Judaism Drumpfs Math and Science. Here’s Why That Matters
14/09/2016 | JPOST | Judaism’s Importance
14/09/2016 | JPOST | Liberal Orthodox rabbis, haredi MK back Bennett on Jewish study
14/09/2016 | YNET | Bennett in hot water after declaring: ‘Jewish studies more important than math, science‘
13/09/2016 | The Jewish Week | More Jewish Education For Israeli Kids
13/09/2016 | HAARETZ | Education Minister Bennett: More important to study Judaism than math
08/09/2016 | JPOST | The sounds of change
08/09/2016 | JPOST | Musician and teacher Bat-Ella Birnbaum introduces tens of thousands of children to tradition
01/09/2016 | Times of Israel | How Jewish education can succeed in the secular space, by Dr. Eitan Chikli
09/08/2016 | JPOST | Rivlin and Sharansky to aim for Jewish unity at pre-Tisha Be’Av conference
08/06/2016 | Jerusalem Report | Imagining the Bible
01/05/2016 | Haaretz | Harsher, more scathing version of ‘Night’ found in Elie Wiesel archive
22/03/2016 | Times of Israel | Purim: Merriment amidst dread, by Dr. Einat Ramon
04/12/2015 | Haaretz | When did Jews begin celebrating Hanukkah by lighting candles
06/10/2015 | Times of israel | For Israel’s early leaders, burials were all about location
21/07/2015 | Times of israel | Israel’s growing and vital Masorti voice
09/07/2015 | NJJN | Jerseyans join Schechter mission
05/07/2015 | Times of israel | Does Judaism really favor pluralism?
05/07/2015 | Times of israel | A generation of persistence pays off for the Schechter Institutes
17/06/2015 | Jpost | Principal of TALI Oranim school in Yokneam receives Genger Prize for Excellence
12/06/2015 | JPost | A Tribute to Tolerance

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