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Judaism and Christianity: Bridging the Gap Dr. Ari Ackerman

As we are restarting the annual Torah reading cycle, Dr. Ari Ackerman, outgoing Dean, and Senior Lecturer in Jewish Thought at the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, looks at the big picture and asks:

“Can Judaism and Christianity cooperate, or is there an unbridgeable gap between these two religions?”He explores Abraham Yehoshua Heschel’s view of interfaith dialogue. Does today’s secular society bring two great Abrahamic religions closer, or does it drive them further apart?

Watch the video below:

Prof. Ari Ackerman is the President of the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies.

President Ackerman is Associate Professor for Jewish Philosophy and Jewish Education. Prior to his elevation to president, Ackerman held the (David) Golinkin Professor of TALI Jewish Education.  He received his PhD in Jewish thought from Hebrew University and was a researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton University. His most recent book is a Critical Edition of the Sermons of Zerahia Halevi Saladin (Beer Sheva University Press, 2013). Prof. Ackerman’s new book on creation and codification in the philosophy of Hasdai Crescas – Hasdai Crescas on Codification, Cosmology and Creation (Brill Press, 2022) is newly published. President Ackerman lives with his family in Jerusalem.

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