Dege Feder: Recipient of the Neve Schechter and the Rabinowitz Foundation Prize for Original Israeli Work


On Friday, July 8th, Neve Schechter celebrated Dege Feder’s creations and actions, on the occasion of her being awarded the Neve Schechter and the Rabinowitz Foundation for Original Israeli Work prize. Dege Feder is the director and choreographer of the Beta dance troupe, a dancer, musician, and visual artist. She is also the winner of the Ministry of Culture Award for Young Artists 2018, winner of the New Foundation of Israel Award 2021, and winner of the Ministry of Absorption Award for achievements and outstanding contribution to society and the state 2021. “Feder, who was born in Ethiopia, is one of the most important artistic and cultural voices in the existence of the local Ethiopian community,” the judges said in the reasons for awarding the prize.

“For me, tradition is the foundation from which we grow,” says Dege Feder, “so it is important to me to preserve it for the Ethiopian community and me as a member of the larger community. At the same time, renewal and moving forward are also needed so that art can reflect the dynamic and changing nature of the world around us. The award from Neve Schechter and the Rabinovitz Foundation supports and strengthens my continued pursuit of art while preserving tradition and creative renewal. This award for me is a pat on the back and a confirmation of the way I work, and I am grateful for that.” At the ceremony, Feder performed her original dance and music pieces as part of the celebration. Dr. Ruth Eshel, Editor-in-Chief of Mahol Akhshav (Dance Today) – the dance magazine of Israel, described her joint journey with Dege. For a festive conclusion, spoken-word artist Orit Tshuma shook the room with beautiful texts.

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