Dialogue and Identity: A Student’s Perspective


Dialogue and Identity, a partnership between the TALI Education Fund and the Rossing Center for Education and Dialogue, pairs Jewish and Arab-Christian schools exposing Jewish- and Arab- Israeli schoolchildren to the rich cultures and religions that share the Land of Israel. The program, which is supported by the European Union, this year includes 38 Jewish and Arab schools from all over the country.

Noam, a fifth-grader at the TALI Frankel School in Raanana, shared her experience with [Christian] Orthodox School in Yafo: “Dialogue and Identity has been active in my school for four years. Through the project, my class meets with kids our age from the Orthodox School in Yafo. I participated in the meeting, and it was simply wonderful. My classmates and I enjoyed our time, and I am sure that our friends from Yafo did too. We were really excited to welcome them and to host them in our school.
At the beginning of the meetup, we ate breakfast and got to know each other a little bit. After that we came up with a schedule together and headed to the gymnasium for some activities.
When we were tired from all the running around, we went back to the classroom and created  “The Get to Know You Bridge”, which are fun fact questions that we get to ask each other like, “who is your favorite singer?”, “What games do you play at recess?”,  and “What is your favorite food?” and so on.
When we finished we each shared aloud how we felt during the visit. At the very end, we got a group photo and said goodbye. The day ended with a lot of anticipation about the next meeting when we will get to see our new friends.”

Read more about TALI here.

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