In Good Faith: New Book by Scott Shay


Congratulations to Scott Shay, longtime friend and supporter of TALI and Schechter, on the forthcoming publication of his new book, In Good Faith. This book explores the most common atheist critiques of the Bible and religion, incorporating Jewish, Christian, and Muslim voices.


Scott shares: “I hope that In Good Faith succeeds in being a much needed response to a torrent of books asserting that faith is irrational in modern times.  Many of these books have become best sellers such as Richard Dawkin’s The God Delusion which sold over 3 million copies. The responses to date have been either too academic or too theological. In Good Faith is radically different. An important part of the book explains the difference between idolatry and monotheism, which is misunderstood by most today but without which the Bible becomes incomprehensible. Thebook acknowledges that it is rational to be an atheist. But it provides a confident and convincing explanation as to why belief in One God is as rational as ever given all we know in the modern era. I hope the book will be in popular demand both among believers (Christians/Muslims/Jews) who wonder if their faith is really irrational, and for atheists who have not had to grapple with compelling counter arguments.  In Good Faith also tackles the important question of how monotheism can go off the rails to become a dangerous force and how to reconnect with those aspects of faith that prevent such extremism.  I hope that book also provides a guide on how to understand the Bible and prayer.”

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Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin writes of In Good Faith: “Scott Shay sets out to prove that one could believe in God and read the Bible as a modern and rational person. In a lucid and engaging fashion – using sources ranging from Hammurabi to Plato to Constantine to Shakespeare to Freud to the Maori – he tackles the concept of idolatry, the morality of the Bible, the problem of evil, the existence of God, the historicity of the Bible, and faith and prayer. I believe that line by line, chapter by chapter, Shay has not only given the New Atheists a run for their money, but has emerged victorious. In Good Faith is a tour de force.”

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