Long Distance Learning Courses at Schechter. Parents and Children in the Jewish Tradition


3 Online Sunday Morning Lectures in English 

All lectures begin at 9:30 am PST; 10:30 am MST;  11:30 am CST; 12:30 pm EST

Cost of one lecture: $20; Cost for the series of 3 lectures: $50

Pre-registration essential. 


Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Sandwich Generation: Taking Care of Aging Parents Taught by Dr. Einat Ramon, Founding Director of Marpe, Israel’s first academic CPE Program, Senior Lecturer in Women’s Studies and Jewish Thought

In this session with Dr. Ramon, founding Director of Marpeh, the only Israeli academic training program for spiritual caregivers, we will explore perceptions of “old age” and family life rooted in rabbinic and modern Israeli sources. The texts, taken from the newly published anthology, Truth and Lovingkindness, compiled and annotated by Dr. Einat Ramon and edited by Professor David Golinkin, will help us grapple with the various ways to approach life’s health and other challenges, especially when facing the aging of our loved ones, providing new insights and guidance for dealing with these challenges.

Sunday January 27, 2019

Father’s Child: Fatherhood in Rabbinic Parables  Taught by Dr. Tamar Kadari, Dean of the Graduate School; Senior Lecturer, Midrash, Aesthetics and Agaddah

In this lecture, we will focus on the relationship between father and child that appears in a set of midrashic parables. The parables shed light on how our Sages perceived the norms and social mores of Jewish life during the first centuries in the land of Israel. We will consider the connection between father and child as seen in the various life stages: from youth through adolescence through the marriage of the grown child. We will then illustrate the tension between the interpretive nature of the parables and the educational role they play with regard to family dynamics. In closing, we will discuss the religious significance of the parables and how they serve to illuminate the relationship between God and his nation.

Sunday February 24, 2019

Intergenerational Dynamics: The Jewish Family Seen Through the Lens of the Camera  Taught by Rabbi Dr. Paul Shrell-Fox, Clinical Psychologist and Lecturer in Family and Community Studies

In his opening lines to Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy wrote: All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. Biblical stories tell a similar tale. Our forebears in the book of Gensis (Bereshit) did not live the happiest of lives. Indeed, jealousy that leads to attempted and successful fratricide seems to be the norm in much of the Bible. Moses, Aaron and Miriam are more the exception than the rule. Can we paraphrase Tolstoy’s words to say the same about Jewish families? We will look at the issues of Jewish family values, using at times, both animated and live-action films to explore the supposition that Jewish family values have a certain uniqueness to them. Or not.



 Dr. Einat Ramon is a senior lecturer in Jewish Thought and Jewish Women’s Studies at the Schechter Institute with a specialty in early Zionist thought. She earned an MA and PhD in Religious Studies from Stanford University and rabbinic ordination from JTS. A pioneer in health chaplaincy in Israel, Ramon founded the Marpeh academic spiritual care training program at the Schechter Institute. Dr. Ramon is a popular public lecturer, and is she frequently interviewed in the Israeli media on a variety of social, cultural and women’s issues.



Rabbi Dr. Paul Shrell-Fox is a lecturer in Family and Community Studies at the Schechter Institute, where he also received his rabbinical ordination. A clinical psychologist, Dr. Shrel-Fox teaching and research present a psychologist’s view of Jewish tradition’s, with a focus on brain science and evolutionary psychology.




Dr. Tamar Kadarinew Dean of  the Schechter Graduate Schoolis a senior lecturer in Midrash at the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies.She received her PhD in Midrashic literature from Hebrew University and was a fellow at the Center for Advanced Judaic Studies at The University of Pennsylvania. Her research and teaching touch on biblical women in the eyes of the rabbis, aesthetics and beauty in rabbinic literature and literary readings of midrash. 



All lectures begin at 9:30 am PST; 10:30 am MST;  11:30 am CST; 12:30 pm EST

Cost of one lecture: $20; Cost for the series of 2 lectures: $35

Pre-registration essential.


Upon registration, you will be sent a link to the Zoom lecture room. On the day of the lecture, enter the lecture room a few minutes early to ensure that program is working properly.

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