Neve Schechter Gallery’s new exhibit “Eve”


On May 12th, Neve Schechter opened the doors to their new exhibition with the first exhibit “Eve”. Roughly 150 people attended the festive open house with an important and heavy them. Bar Yerushalmi, the brand new curator of the Neve Schechter Gallery, together with local Tel-Aviv artist Liat Danieli curated an exhibition that discusses challenges and stigmas of motherhood among them breastfeeding, memories of nurturing. It drew attention to similarities that breastfeeding women have with bees- two different species each responsible for feeding future generations and offspring. 

The exhibit has three distinct parts. The first is a live active beehive, wired with microphones and amplified throughout the gallery, creating a continuous and calming hum. The second is live performance art. Danieli sits oneonone with a viewer and has a discussion with them about a moment or a memory related to nurturing, feeding, or being fed. While the visitor shares this story, Danieli is actively pumping her own breastmilk, and at the end of the story, she writes the essence of the story on a napkin using some of her milk rather than ink or paint. The final element of the exhibit is that the entire gallery and courtyard are open and comfortable spaces for women to come and breastfeed or pump.  

Beyond the art, Yerushalmi and Danieli were looking to create change and leave a positive effect on the community. They chose to partner with La Leche League, an organization that provides assistance and promotes breastfeeding, in Israel and globally. Additionally, Danieli has established a dropbox through Magen David Adom for women with extra breastmilk to donate to mothers of premature newborns whose own supply is low. 

Yerushalmi’s vision is to connect the ideas of art and art-making with values within Judaism as well as incorporating an interactive, social layer of making/creating. His goal is to create change in our society. Going forward the gallery will continue with making through social change and the Jewish body of knowledge. The exhibition will be open until July 1st. 

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