Schechter Awards 65 M.A. Degrees


On May 29, 2018, 65 students walked the stage and received their M.A. degrees from the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies. Students concentrated in everything from chaplaincy and Jewish Art to Talmud and Contemporary Jewish Studies. We were honored to have Miriam Peretz, Israel prize recipient and Schechter alumna, address the audience: “Each person needs someone in his life who will believe in him. In 11th grade I had a teacher who believed in me and allowed me into a gifted class… Schechter is a place where you find that person who believes in you. It is the place where you can be active, be influenced and it is my home. At Schechter I found people who looked at me with warmth and sensitivity, it was here that I found deep faith.”

25 students graduated with honors and five were awarded high honors. Nitzan Aviv, a Maccabi MA Graduate with Distinction and the Deputy Director of the Central District of Israel JCC Association shared these words: “After two years of graduate studies, I can say confidently that what makes Schechter unique is the freedom, the multiplicity of opinions, the willingness to explore and study not only Judaism from conventional sources but also to explore other religious sources like the Koran and the New Testament. At Schechter we can study non-traditional sources, there is the freedom to question and to doubt.

Did you know?

  • Students earned need and merit based scholarships from 14 different individual donors, foundations and Jewish federations.
  • Graduates traveled each week from cities and towns all over Israel including Sderot and Beersheva in the south to Kfar Vradim and Haifa in the north as well as Ramle, Afula, Netanya, Kibbutz Degania and, of course, Jerusalem.
  • Students hail from a variety of professional backgrounds, among them: nurse, human resources manager, piano instructor, a wealth of teachers (kindergarten, uplan, special education middle and high school), rabbi, school founder, adult educators, school principals and vice principals, computer programmer, tour guide, prison guard, recreation director and businessperson.
  • Graduates work for a variety of institutions: JCC Associations, the Jewish National Fund (KKL), Israeli Naval Academy, TALI Education Fund, NOAM Youth movement, Jerusalem and Raanana Municipalities and the Israeli Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Health, Education and Justice

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