Touching Roots A Tu B’Shvat Exhibition at Neve Schechter


This year on Tu B’Shvat, Neve Schechter will host a very special exhibition.

It will display photographs taken in the framework of a project conducted in partnership with the Neve Tzedek Municipal High School.  The project has been running for five years, and the exhibition opening for Tu B’Shvat will be the fifth one held at the Neve Schechter modern art gallery, a highly acclaimed Tel Aviv exhibition space.

Neve Tzedek Municipal High School is a junior high and high school for children with special needs.

Throughout the year, they work under the guidance of Sharona Guy, an artist who runs the recently opened art track at the school. This year, the children have been working on a project called Shorashim (Roots, addressing cultural and family roots through an exploration of nature. They have toured the neighborhood of Neve Tzedek and took pictures of parks, trees and other flora in the area. The best photographs were then selected by Shira Friedman, the Neve Schechter curator, who created the exhibition.

Shorashim will open for the public on January 21 at 14:00 with the participation of the young artists’ families. A professionally printed catalog will be produced to accompany the visual display.

Neve Schechter prides itself on supporting children’s exploration of art, nature and the human condition. May these budding young artists go on to fully realize their potential.

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