Try Your Luck at Schechter Trivia


Spending time inside lately?


Check out these six trivia questions drawn from articles on Schechter’s website. The first two people to answer all questions correctly naming the articles from which they originated will win a Haggadah of their choice from Schechter’s available publications. Answers will be posted on our website on Wednesday, March 25th.

1. According to Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin‘s sources, what are three reasons to protect the environment?

2. What are two types of documents related to women’s lives that were found in the Cairo Geniza?

3. In pre-state Israel the Labor-Zionist establishment categorized mothers as three ‘types.’ What were they?

4. ​ Why are the names Ephraim and Menashe used in the Friday night blessing of children?

5. Holy sites in Israel used to not separate people by gender. What events prompted a change to gender separation at graves and other holy sites?

6. Who is the artist of the above image? Where is his/her most recent exhibition?

Thanks to everyone for participating in Schechter’s online trivia contest!  You can find the answers here.

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