Ukraine Update 27.3.2022: Assisting Our Communities in Ukraine


On Friday, food was prepared in Chernivtsi by some members of the Midreshet Schechter/Masorti Olami community for people still in Kyiv. Along with other critical parcels, the fresh food was delivered to Kyiv on a shuttle, to distribute to the community members who are still there. On Sunday Maxim, our administrative director in Kyiv will go from door to door to deliver the food- an act which is not to be taken for granted.

In Kyiv, there is kosher meat and matzah for Pesach, and we are trying to arrange delivery from there to the other MidresheSchechter/Masorti Olami communities.

In Kharkiv, the situation is very difficult, both physically and emotionally. The biggest fear is that the Russian military will devastate the city similar to what was done to Mariupol. More people are leaving. Dr. Persky, the founder of the Sha’alavim Day School in Kharkiv, and Masha, the school principal, decided to remain even after an attempt to arrange an ambulance to take them.

The 5000th immigrant to Israel since the beginning of the war is from our Odessa Masorti community. Her brother, a member of the Kyiv community, is currently in the Chernivtsi shelter. Dozens of our families, mainly women, and children are already here in Israel. Still, others are being temporarily hosted by the Masorti community in Berlin.

With so many members of our communities displaced and with refugee status, we continue in our emergency campaign to raise funds to support them. Together with your help, we can make everyone feel a bit safer and more welcome.

The Schechter Institutes, together with our partners at Masorti Olami are currently spending $25,000 each week to house, feed, and meet travel expenses for hundreds of refugees in Ukraine and elsewhere:

  • $8,000 per week for hotel rooms and apartments in Chernivtsi
  • $4,000 per week for food served at the Masorti Refugee Center in Chernivtsi
  • $5,000 each week on travel/tickets for refugees coming to Israel
  • An average of $5,000 each week on direct financial support for people still in besieged cities
  • Payment for the community’s temporary lodging and expenses in Romania
  • Helping our Masorti communities in Germany, Hungary, and Poland to welcome and house members of the Ukrainian communities

To donate via The Schechter Institutes or via Masorti Olami.

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