Ukraine Update 8.3.2022: Crossing the border to Romania


Yesterday 46 Midreshet Schechter Ukraine and Masorti Olami community members were evacuated over the Ukrainian/Romanian border to the town of Oradea. They were met warmly by contacts of the JDC and the Oradea Jewish community was awaiting them with open arms and a hot kosher dinner.

The families will stay in Oradea until Tuesday (March 8th) with the hope that Rabbi Reuven Stamov, his family and others will have caught up to them by then. They will then travel to Budapest, where they will be welcomed by our Masorti community sponsored by Masorti Olami (led by Adam Schonberger). Those refugees who are continuing on to Israel will spend the night(s) in Budapest. A bus will continue on to Berlin with the rest of the group, a 10 hour drive. We have found a great place for them to stay (through yet another incredible connection within our movement) in Budapest and are in the process of closing the deal.

Rabbi Gesa S. Ederberg, a Schechter Rabbinical Seminary ordinand, and her Oranienburger Strasse Synagogue community in Berlin are preparing to welcome a group of 30 refugees.

Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya, Executive Director of Midreshet Schechter, has been purchasing tickets for people to travel from Budapest to Israel, starting March 9. In addition, she has been working with the “individual” refugees who are not with our bigger group, who are currently spread across Poland, Moldova, Romania, etc., and with the goal of getting them to one of our communities in the area.


Current funds allocations:

  • $8,000 per week for hotel rooms and apartments in Chernivisti
  • $4,000 per week for food served at the Masorti Refugee Center in Chernivtsi
  • Thousands of dollars on tickets for dozens of refugees coming to Israel
  • Payments for the community’s lodging and expenses in Romania
  • Housing refugees from our Masorti Congregations in Hungary, Poland and Germany

To donate via The Schechter Institutes or via Masorti Olami.

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