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One Word, Just One Simple Word…Brings Us to the Divine – Parashat Tzav

Rabbi Dr. Reb Mimi Feigelson discerns that three letters in the Hebrew word “zot” זאת , translated as ‘this’ represent one of the most important concepts in all of the Bible….and its modern meaning for us in seeking the Divine.

I want to give you some homework, even if you don’t know Hebrew!

There is one word in this parashah (Tzav) that repeats itself again, and again and again:


ZOT, or this is, or thus.

This is the mincha offering, this is sin offering, this is  זאת, זאת, וזאת

How many times does this appear in the parashah?

For me, when I hear the word, זאת  I hear a different verse, a different פסוק.

בְּזֹאת יָבֹא אַהֲרֹן אֶל הַקֹּדֶשׁ

“With this (זאת), Aharon approaches the Holy.”

This is actually on Yom Kippur the holiest day of the year.

So, I want to ask you…there is a gematria (the use of letters as numbers), a play of numbers, that the word זאת  is 408. It is like the gematria (that equals together) voice (קול) + money (ממון) + fasting (צום). Like what we talk about on Yom Kippur, as well.

But this is…What is your offering? What is your ‘this is’?

When you approach the Divine….

When you approach the Divine Mother….

The one and only…

This is…what part of you are you approaching with?

What is your ‘this is’?

What is your זאת…that you want to come near the holiness with?



Reb Mimi serves as the Mashpiah Ruchanit (spiritual mentor) of the Rabbinical School, and  teaches Talmud and Hassidic Thought. She will guide and walk with the rabbinical students on their personal-spiritual journeys. She served as the Mashpiah Ruchanit of the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in Los Angeles for the last 16 years. Prior to this Reb Mimi was one of the founding administration and faculty members of the “Yakar” Beit Midrash and community.

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