Malki Bakodesh, Part I (Hebrew)


Rabbi Hayyim Hirschensohn was one of the only Religious-Zionist thinkers who had the courage to meet the challenges of modernity and grapple with the intricate halakhic problems inherent in the establishment of a modern, democratic Jewish State. Rabbi Hirschensohn devoted the six volumes of Malki Bakodesh to a halakhic discussion of contemporary questions. The present volume is concerned with the basic questions related to the modern Jewish State such as: the preferable kind of regime in the Jewish State; the Temple Mount as a national and religious center; the attitude towards the army and war; the establishment of modern courts of law that are governed by the Halakhah; and more. David Zohar brings to the public a new, annotated edition of this important work, elucidating the halakhic discussions and explaining all of the people and events mentioned in the book.

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Rabbi Hayyim Hirschensohn


David Zohar


Bar Ilan University Press, The Shalom Hartman Institute

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