Prof. Yossi Turner

Yossi Turner is associate professor of Jewish Philosophy at the Schechter Inst. He did his graduate work at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem where he was awarded an MA and a PhD in Jewish Thought. His doctoral dissertation was entitled, “The Relationship of Culture and Science to Franz Rosenzweig’s Concept of Time.”  Professor Turner has published several dozen articles and has edited a number of volumes in various area of Jewish scholarship. He is the author other of two full length Hebrew works: Emunah v’Humanism: Iyunim bePhilosophia Hadatit shel Franz Rosenzweig (“Faith and Humanism: Studies in the Religious Philosophy of Franz Rosenzweig”) and Tzion v’haTfutzot beMahshavah haYehudit haModernit: Iyunim b’Philosophia shel haKiyum HaYehudi (“Zion and the Diaspora in 20’th Century Thought: Studies in the Philosophy of Jewish Existence”). Currently, Professor Turner is composing a volume in English on the 2’nd Aliyah pioneer and philosopher, Aharon David Gordon.

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