Rabbi Dov (Dubi) Haiyun

Rabbi Dov (Dubi) Haiyun grew up in the town of Hadera, south of Haifa. After completing his B.A. in history and Bible, he moved to the Galilee, where he taught at a high school in the Jezreel Valley, and was editor of the literary journal “Shdemot”. In 2005 he began studies at the Schechter Institute, receiving rabbinical ordination from the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary and an M.A. in Talmud from the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies.

Since 2008 Rabbi Haiyun has been the Rabbi of Kehilat Moriah in Haifa, a spiritual caregiver (chaplain), and has served a term as President of the Israeli Rabbinical Assembly. Rabbi Haiyun is Founder and Director of “Midreshot Schechter,” or Schechter Centers, a rapidly growing network of adult education programs throughout Israel sponsored by the Schechter Institutes.

In 2017 Rabbi Haiyun was honored at the American Jewish Committee’s annual conference in Washington D.C., together with an Imam and a Priest, for their pioneering interfaith cooperation following the wildfires in 2016 that destroyed parts of Haifa.

In addition to his work as a spiritual leader and educator, Rabbi Haiyun is an activist in local Haifa politics. The Haifa Rabbinate, threatened by his growing prominence, submitted a complaint to the Haifa police, who briefly detained him in August 2018 for the “crime” of performing a marriage ceremony. Already a candidate, this notorious incident facilitated Rabbi Haiyun’s election to the Haifa City Council in October 2018, and as a member of the Council’s ruling coalition, he has been appointed Deputy Mayor.