Book Catalogue

Kuntress Hateshuvot Hehadash: A Bibliographic Thesaurus of Responsa Literature Published from CA 1470-2000, Volume II

Editor Shmuel Glick
Language Hebrew
Publication year 2007
Publisher Bar Ilan University Press, The Schocken Institute

Volume Two: (מ-ק)

This three-volume resource is a complete bibliography of the responsa literature from the end of the fifteenth century up to the year 2000 and includes more than 4560 book titles. It is based on Prof. Boaz Cohen’s pioneering work, Kuntress ha-Teshuvot (Budapest 1930) as well as on the additions published by Rabbi Solomon Freehof in 1961. With the help of computerized catalogs, thousands of titles were added that escaped Cohen and Freehof. It opens with a thorough introduction to the responsa literature.


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