Book Catalogue

To Learn and to Teach, V. 1: Study Booklets Regarding Women in Jewish Law: The Mehitza in the Synagogue

Author Diana Villa, Monique Susskind Goldberg
Language English, French, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish
Publication year 2004

In each booklet, a particular aspect of the status of women in Jewish Law is presented and discussed by Rabbis Diana Villa and Monique Susskind Goldberg. The subjects dealt with are: “The Mehitzah in the Synagogue”, “Aliyot for Women”, “Women in the Minyan and as Shelihot Tzibbur”, “Prenuptial Agreements as a Solution for the Agunah Problem of Our Time” and “The Separation of Menstruants from Prayer and Synogogue”. The goal is to make halakhic discussions on women and Jewish Law accessible to lay people with little background in Talmud and Jewish Law. The reader is further assisted by a Glossary of Authors and a Glossary of Terms. The booklets are published in five languages in order to reach a wide audience.

David Golinkin


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