Leadership Programs

Leadership Programs

Marpeh – Clinical Pastoral Care

Marpeh LogoMarpeh, the first accredited training program in CPE (clinical pastoral care) in Israel, was established by Schechter in 2006. Pastoral care, involving listening, consolation and compassion to help people confront significant life challenges, constitutes an important missing service for patients and their families in Israel. Entrenched in Jewish values such as “bikkur holim” (visiting the sick) “gemilut hasadim” (deeds of loving-kindness), Marpeh students are being trained to offer spiritual support to chronically and terminally ill patients. Marpeh students include educators, health care professionals, social workers and rabbis from diverse backgrounds and religious orientations. They perform supervised fieldwork in hospitals, nursing homes and other community institutions, offering support and solace to hundreds of Israelis in need. Courses at the Schechter Institute in Jerusalem include counseling, crisis intervention, Jewish medical ethics and Jewish customs regarding illness and mourning. The program, as part of the M.A. degree program at Schechter, is the only academic program inIsraeloffering certification in Clinical Pastoral Education, and has been on the cutting edge of the field since its inception.

The Marpeh pastoral care certification course is offered in two modular units of 200 hours of training: a 2-semester course or an intensive summer program.


Mishlei – Bet Midrash Study for Jewish Leadership

Schechter Rabbinical Seminary LogoMishlei is Bet Midrash that offers Jewish learning with spiritual depth and personal significance and an intellectual challenge in an open and pluralistic atmosphere. Open to college graduates, men and women, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, Mishlei offers study in Bible, Talmud, Midrash, Halakha, Piyyut (Liturgical Poetry), Jewish Melodies and the weekly Torah reading in a unique hevruta style of learning.

The program also enables one to acquire an M.A. degree in Jewish Studies from the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies. A student may specialize in unique M.A. tracks such as Land of Israel studies, Sephardic studies, Hebrew and Jewish literature, and more.


TALI Educational Leadership Development

TALI Education Fund LogoThe goal of this two-year program is to develop competent and professional educational leadership, conversant with Jewish texts and capable of achieving the goals of TALI schools. The teachers and principals study one full day each week, and participate in four days of seminars. Participants gain skills and knowledge needed to firmly establish Jewish studies program and TALI philosophy in their school. The leadership course is accredited towards an M.A. degree in Jewish Education at the Schechter Institute, which is completed by most of the teachers in the second or third year. Courses include Approaches to Jewish Education in Israel, Leadership in Israeli Society, Key Zionist Leaders and Events in Israeli Society, Midrash and the Weekly Portion, Development and Influence of Halakha, Streams in Zionism, Contemporary Streams in Judaism, Holidays in Modern Israel, and more.