The Graduate School

The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem is devoted to the pursuit of Jewish Studies conducted in an inclusive and tolerant environment. We strengthen Jewish identity, promote unity through Jewish knowledge and offer educational options open to everyone interested in connecting with and learning about their Jewish heritage.

The Graduate School, established in 1989, offers Israel’s largest program in Jewish Studies: an innovative interdisciplinary M.A. degree program designed to strengthen Jewish identity and religious pluralism in schools and communities throughout Israel. Historically, a significant number of our students are public school teachers, principals or community professionals – Israel’s true agents for change. Together, they form an ever-growing network of Israelis, across all walks of life and degrees of religious observance, who are committed to a more meaningful understanding of Judaism and its power to unite, educate and engage.

Our campus is not an ivory tower. It is rooted firmly in the community, looking outward to address pressing needs facing Israeli society and Jewish life generally. With a current enrollment of 400 Israelis and with over 1,700 graduates since 1992, Schechter’s influence is felt in schools and community centers from Eilat to Kiryat Shmoneh.