Dr. Liora Pascal

Academic Director, 'Maccabi' M.A. Community Leadership Program

Dr. Liora Pascal is the Academic Director of ‘Maccabi’ M.A. Community Leadership Program, Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies.

Liora holds a PhD in Jewish education from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and an M.A. (magna cum laude) in Research Methodology, Measurement and Evaluation from Tel-Aviv University. She is a graduate of the Education Department (teaching and evaluation methods) and the Hebrew literature Department at Tel-Aviv University, as well as of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership. She also holds a teaching certificate in literature. She completed her military service in the Israeli Air Force as an education officer. Liora has been involved in the field of evaluation research for more than two decades. She worked as a researcher and evaluator for the Ministry of Education and for CET (the Center for Educational Technology). She directed the pedagogical council for the Ministry of Education Central District and led to the establishment of community educational councils. In addition, on behalf of the Central District, she developed the work plan for the Ministry of Education to implement the Dovrat report. She also taught and trained teachers within the Psychology and Education departments of the Open University. In recent years she has also been involved in academic research in the fields of Jewish Renewal (Israel); shaping of Jewish identity; religiosity and spirituality in Israeli society. In 2006, Liora established the field of Research, Evaluation and Measurement at the AVI CHAI Foundation and served as its director from 2006 until the foundation’s closure in 2019. Liora is active as a senior academic lecturer in fields of Jewish Studies, Education and the Social Sciences. In parallel, Liora is a self-employed researcher conducting research on the social impact of foundations, businesses and non-profit organizations. She also develops educational and social programs in Jewish Education. In addition, Liora is an active volunteer in ‘Momentum’  the international women’s organization.


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