Learn about the Jewish Prayer Modes with Rabbi Avi Novis-Deutsch

Music and prayer have been combined since ancient times. A prayer tune, conveyed from generation to generation, sets the atmosphere for the service and allows the congregation to focus on the connection with the Divine.

Get right into the mode for the upcoming Holiday with Rabbi Avi Novis-Deutsch, as he explains with great emotion and passion how the same verse is recited in different tunes in multiple synagogues around the neighborhood.

What happens on the streets of Jerusalem during Selichot? Dr. Einat Ramon

Dr. Ramon describes the beautiful scene that takes place at the Western Wall, the Kotel, in the early pre-dawn hours during the month of Elul. She talks with yearning and wonder that will make you want to close your eyes and join her in the next Selichot prayer.

Schechter Institutes and The War Effort

As we approach Shabbat and the end of the second week of war in Gaza, we would like to share with you a few personal stories coming out of Schechter. Although the war zone is an hour’s drive from our campus, we, thank God, are not in the line of fire and are not physically affected. But we, together with the entire country, are glued to our radios, internet and television sets. Some of our students have taken an active role in alleviating the tensions by extending a hand to our neighbors in the south-children, parents, teachers.