Judaism and
Contemporary Culture

A unique nexus of arts and Jewish tradition draws artists and scholars, musicians and authors join together, bringing new perspectives and creative approaches to Jewish life today.

Music, literature and visual arts have long been part of Jewish tradition and Schechter brings these creative disciplines to the fore in its scholarship, programming and outlook. Graduate students integrate hands-on arts with academic study of Jewish art. Thousands of Tel Aviv residents come to Neve Schechter for one-of-a-kind exhibitions and shows that bring artists and musicians in dialogue with Judaism and with one another. The rabbinical seminary trains prayer leaders to innovate from the pulpit, bringing long-lost musical transitions into conversation with traditional liturgy and contemporary melodies. TALI provides online biblical art resources for classroom use as well as musical and arts experiences for students of all ages.

Tikva Guetta

M.A. in Jewish Education, TALI teacher

As a daughter of immigrants from Libya, earning this degree is a way to connect to the Jewish values that guided my parents, which I am obliged to pass on to my children and grandchildren.

Liti Golan

M.A. in Maccabee Community Leadership Program, works with special needs population

The defining experience is that of being in a place where pluralism isn't talked about: it's lived.

Yuri Amir Radchenko

Director of the Center for Inter-Ethnic Relations in Eastern Europe; Jewish activist in Kyiv and Kharkov

I would be honored to serve the Jewish community of Kharkov and I am convinced that Conservative Judaism – the middle way – best suits the spiritual needs of the vast majority of this city’s Jews.

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