Why Give?

Support us in our vision of an Israeli public committed to Judaism and religious pluralism. Join us in our mission to guarantee that a strong, vibrant voice for pluralistic Jewish education in the State of Israel will not only be heard but will flourish.

Your donation will provide a colorful spectrum of Jewish pluralistic educational programming to over 60,000 children and adults annually.

In partnership with you, The Schechter Institutes are:

  • Developing curriculum ,training teachers and Rabbis, subsidizing textbooks and providing Nigunnim music workshops within TALI schools
  • Expanding our reach by opening new TALI pre-schools and elementary schools
  • Inaugurating Bet Midrash Learning Center’s in Israeli towns
  • Bestowing Scholarships to Israeli rabbinical students
  • Sponsoring family Jewish education centers in Ukraine
  • Granting M.A. scholarship for teachers working in Israel’s periphery
  • Publishing books authored by Schechter faculty
  • Issuing NASHIM, the Journal of Jewish Women’s Studies co-published by Schechter
  • Supporting MILI clubs and national events for young Russian-speaking Israelis
  • Funding Jewish children’s tuition to Camp Ramah-Ukraine

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