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Where Are the Women in Jewish Thought?

Dr. Einat Ramon
| 19/06/2019
Shavua Tov @ Schechter
Thought and Philosophy
Women & Gender

The field of Jewish Thought for many years has been considered the sphere of male thinkers and philosophers.

This week Dr. Einat Ramon, Senior Lecturer in Jewish Thought and founder of the Marpeh pastoral care program, talks about the role of women in this important field.  Recent research on the writing of leaders like Ada Fishman Maimon and Yemima Avital have brought new perspectives to Jewish philosophy and theology.

Watch the video below to learn more:


Einat Ramon is a senior lecturer in Jewish thought and Jewish Women’s Studies at Schechter and one of the founders of professional spiritual care in Israel (she is the writer of Israeli spiritual caregivers’ standards and ethical code.)  In 2012 she founded the Marpeh program – the only academic program for the training of spiritual caregivers in the context of pluralistic Jewish studies, where she teaches and supervises chaplaincy students and Israeli pastoral education supervisors-in-training. Dr. Ramon writes academic and popular books and articles about contemporary Hassidic spirituality, the philosophy and methods of spiritual care , Zionist and North American Jewish thought, and modern Jewish women’s theology and ethics— particularly concerning family and bioethics issues. She is a third generation native Jerusalemite, received her doctorate in Religious Studies from Stanford University, she is married to (Reform) Rabbi Arik Ascherman and is a mother of two.

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