Women’s Voices Changing the Discourse: Bible to Today

Masorti Women in Israel and Diaspora sisters who are visiting Israel  are invited to the 19th Regional Masorti Women’s Study Days.

Here are highlights with Schechter :

  • Prof. Alice Shalvi  will teach at each of the three regional study days, focusing on her recent memoir, “Never a Native.” She will teach the class together with Rabbi Nathalie Lastreger. Prof. Shalvi will  focus on sections from her memoir, which echo the theme of “Women’s Voices Changing the Discourse: Bible to Today” and Rabbi Lastreger will examine the halakhah related to this issue.
  • Rabbi Amy Levin, the second woman graduate of the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary, will clarify how the Conservative/Masorti Movement’s Committee on Halakhah operates and will focus on some current issues regarding the role of women.
  • For the first time, Prof. Bat-Sheva Margalit Stern will be teaching at the Women’s Study days.  Her lecture will focus on the writings of Jewish women in Pre-State Israel that influenced a change in attitude towards the role of women.

Schedules and Course Descriptions.

Northern Region: Wednesday, Feb. 6, at Kibbutz Hanaton (15:45-20:45) for the program press here

Central Region: Tuesday, Feb.12, at Kehilat Hod V’Hadar, Kfar Saba (15:45-20:45) for the program press here

Southern Region: Tuesday, Feb.19, at Kehilat Eshel Avraham, Beersheva (16:30-20:55) for the program press here


For more information, contact: wleague@masorti.org.il

Sponsored by Women’s League for Conservative Judaism and Midreshet Schechter, with the help of the Masorti Movement.