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Established in 1992 by the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, Midreshet Schechter sponsors Zionist-Jewish education in Ukraine under the name of Midreshet Schechter Ukraine, in partnership with Masorti Olami. Its programs reconnect Jews to their heritage in an inclusive and joyous atmosphere; synagogues, schools and summer camps stress Jewish tradition, history and peoplehood, and the centrality of Israel for the Jewish people.

Children and adults from 10 cities
Participants at the teachers’ camp

Regional Synagogues and Community Centers

The Kyiv Midreshet Schechter-Masorti Olami Synagogues and Educational Center

Houses a growing dynamic Masorti community led by Israeli emissaries Rabbi Reuven and Lena Stamov. The Center sponsors The Armon Family Education Center, offering a multi-generational educational program for all family members in Hebrew, Jewish tradition, history, literature and Israeli culture.

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The Kehillat Aviv Chernowitz Masorti Congregation

Led by Lev Kleiman, provides exciting Jewish intergenerational educational and cultural programs during the week, on Shabbat and for Jewish holidays.

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The Masorti Kehillat Tiferet in Odessa

Led by Ze’ev Waksman, was established in 2015. Its regular programming includes weekly Kabbalat Shabbat program: bi-weekly Havdalah program; holiday activities including study, prayers and festive meals: Jewish Culinary and art classes.

Kehillat Tiferet’s Facebook page can be found here >>

Other Learning Centers

There is a Hebrew/Sunday School in Berdichev. Midreshet Yerushalayim also oversees Jewish studies for the 125 pupils at the Sha’alavim Lyceum Jewish Day School in Kharkov.

The two-week Ramah-Ukraine Summer Teenage Camp and one-week Family Summer Camp for some 250 children and adults from 10 cities throughout the Ukraine presents a joyous and welcoming experience in Jewish living in a fun-filled outdoor environment. The daily schedule at Ramah Yachad combines informal Jewish education, cultural programming and sports/recreation, which reinforces the children’s Jewish identity as well as their connection and identification with the State of Israel. In the Family Camp, Jewish traditions are taught in a fun and meaningful environment in order to facilitate their implementation in the family and to attract new families to the kehillah. The warm, welcoming and almost magical atmosphere forever changes lives and shapes personal and Jewish identities.

This Year, More Than Ever, Send a Child to Camp Ramah 

The Schechter Institutes, Inc. in Jerusalem has been running a wonderful network of Midreshet Schechter schools and synagogues throughout Ukraine since 1991, including the jewel in the crown – Camp Ramah Ukraine – which is scheduled to celebrate its 31st anniversary this summer.

Since the war began on February 24th, 2022, we – together with our partners at Masorti Olami – have spent over $700,000 on food and cash distribution throughout Ukraine, hotel rooms and apartments for refugees in Chernivtsi, transportation within Ukraine and across the border, and plane fare within Europe and to Israel.

We now need to raise funds for Camp Ramah Ukraine 2023. Founded in 1992 shortly after the Iron Curtain fell, it has been incredibly successful over the years in teaching thousands of Ukrainian Jewish children how to live as Jews 24/7. (Please see the attached photos from last summer.)

For many years, it has been held in western Ukraine. Last summer, as a result of the war in Ukraine, we celebrated our 30th anniversary at “Pension Dracula”  near Arefu, Romania (180 km northwest of Bucharest).

This year camp will be in August. As always, it will include tefillot, classes, drama, sports, hikes, wholesome kosher food and two wonderful Shabbatot!

The camp will be directed by Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya, Executive Director of Midreshet Schechter, along with many veteran counselors from Israel and Ukraine.

This summer, due to the ongoing very unusual circumstances, we expect to have refugee children from Chernivtsi, Kharkiv, Odessa, Berlin and Israel. Costs will be higher and many parents cannot pay any tuition this year since they are remain unemployed.

We would be most grateful if you could support this wonderful camp at this very difficult time.

Send a child to Camp Ramah Ukraine

Rabbi Irina Gritsevskaya

Director of Midreshet Schechter Ukraine and Midreshot Schechter, SRS Graduate, 2018

Judaism is not black and white. It’s a rainbow of color. I am humbled and honored to be the educator bringing this message to the Jewish communities of Ukraine at such a crucial juncture in their history.

Yuri Amir Radchenko

Director of the Center for Inter-Ethnic Relations in Eastern Europe; Jewish activist in Kyiv and Kharkov

I would be honored to serve the Jewish community of Kharkov and I am convinced that Conservative Judaism – the middle way – best suits the spiritual needs of the vast majority of this city’s Jews.

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