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A Course about Jerusalem Unites in Amsterdam

A unique partnership between the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies and Protestant Theological University in Amsterdam has created the first ever summer school focusing on Jerusalem. The week-long seminar, with Schechter faculty taking part, has attracted students from across the Netherlands.

Jewish education Ukraine

Educating the Educators in the FSU

Jewish education in the former Soviet Union is no longer a contradiction in terms, writes Anya Zhuravel Segal, Director of Development for The Schechter Institutes. How do Jewish leaders in Ukraine further their own education?

Jewish Life & Learning

Responsa in a Moment: Moses and Herzl

Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin’s comparison of the biographies of Theodor Herzl and Moses yields a series of striking parallels  in their education, character and, ultimately, their success as leaders.

Traveling Tombstones: Professor Doron Bar on Herzl’s Reburial in Israel

Professor Doron Bar tells how Theodor Herzl came to be buried in Israel, the country he never lived to see. As we mark the 70th anniversary of his reinterment in Jerusalem, learn more about the phenomenon of bringing devout Zionists “home” to be reburied.