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Shlomit Miton

Mazal Tov Class of 2019 MA Graduates!


Shlomit Miton, a creative writing instructor and the 2019 graduation student speaker, shares about her Schechter experience:

Bethlehem Exhibit

“Bethlehem” Exhibit Now at Neve Schechter

The Book of Ruth, which we have just read on Shavuot, describes the departure-return of Naomi and Ruth, is a turning point in the biblical narrative. This transformational moment is captured in Leor Grady’s exhibition “Bethlehem,” now at Neve Schechter.

Jewish Life & Learning

Was Anything Wrong with Korach? 

Rabbi Avi Novis-Deutsch delves into Korach’s message. What is wrong with saying that everyone is holy? Couldn’t Korach actually have been advocating for equality and human rights?

Stick or Carrot? The Giving of the Torah

Dr. Tamar Kadari asks whether the the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai was really frightening or whether it was a loving moment.