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The Sounds of Music Study

What is Jewish music? How does it intersect with prayer? These questions are examined with text, instruments and voices in Ashira, the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary program for training prayer leaders. It will now also be explored via Schechter’s new MA program in Jewish Music.

Israel identity card

Getting Carded (In a Good Way)

Turning sixteen in Israel isn’t just a number.  At 16, Israeli teens get their teudat zehut identity cards.  Learn how TALI is helping teens reach higher, mark that rite of passage and connecting teens to their Israeli-Jewish identities.

Jewish Life & Learning

Aleph or Bet: Dr. Shula Laderman with a Festive Torah Tale

As we enter Sukkot and begin to prepare for Simchat Torah Dr. Shula Laderman, lecturer in Judaism and the Arts at The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, recounts a midrash that illustrates the importance of the Hebrew letters aleph and bet. How was it decided which letter would appear first in the Torah?

This is Your Wake-Up Call

On Yom Kippur afternoon Jews around the world read the story of Jonah, the reluctant Prophet who eventually leads the residents of Nineveh to repent. Dr. David Frankel, invites us to consider how the call Jonah receives encourages us to take action in modern times.