Book Catalogue

As a Driven Leaf (Hebrew)

Author Milton Steinberg
Editor Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin
Language Hebrew
Publication year 2015
Publisher Milton Steinberg

As a Driven Leaf, by Rabbi Milton Steinberg, one of the most successful Jewish historical novels ever published in English, is now available in Hebrew.  Edited by David Golinkin, the new Hebrew version includes a forty-page Appendix which provides all the sources quoted or hinted at in the book and explains the historical background. Access the Appendix in English.  The book is available at all major book stores in Israel and online with Yediot Sefarim.

A best-seller since 1940, As a Driven Leaf is based on the life of Elisha ben Abuyah and his struggle to reconcile rabbinic Judaism both culturally and philosophically with 2nd century Greek Hellenistic society.


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